Early 2013 on a remote QLD coal mine, She’s Empowered founder Kym Clark witnessed her then pregnant manager struggling in a half un-buttoned shirt and poorly fitting pants. Unfortunately, this was all part and parcel of the standard unisex uniforms provided to all staff onsite…in a flash of inspiration an idea was born.

“In our industry having limited work wear options during pregnancy seemed normal. Why was no one questioning it? Why weren’t women being catered for?” Says Kym

After seeing women constantly struggle to find comfort in their Hi Viz workwear, Kym started exploring options. Left disappointed with what she found it was time to create a new PPE range for women.

With a dream of making a positive change for women in industry Kym knew this was her chance to make a difference. After hours of research on what needed to be done she packed her bag and boarded a plane to find a manufacturer.

“I knew nothing about making clothes but I did know I could make a positive change for women in industry.” Says Kym



In Australia currently, women make up 16.0 per cent of mining employees, 16.2 per cent of construction employees and 15.4 per cent of CEOs. These figures need to change for the betterment of society, however the reality is, few girls are opting for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) career paths.

Research shows girls lack self-confidence in science and maths at school resulting in about a quarter of young women choosing not to study mathematics in their final years of high school. In Australia 1 in 4 IT graduates are women and less than 1 in 10 are engineering graduates. These statistics are alarming given the future of jobs in Australia favours STEM.



She’s Empowered is the vehicle to drive change, buck trends and rewrite the statistics around women in STEM. We are the do’ers but we need your help.

When shopping with us we’re giving you the choice to donate 10% of the product sale price to the #SEwork scholarship fund. The collected funds will be distributed annually towards Individual Scholarships, Mentoring Programs and Inspiring School Circuits.

“Increasing STEM diversity won’t happen overnight, but it can happen if we’re willing to work together.” Says Kym



Our goal is simple. We want to create workwear you love to wear whilst inspiring future generations, tackling global issues and strengthening our economy. Shop with us and help build better workplace opportunity and environments for women!