Early 2013 on a remote QLD coal mine, She’s Empowered founder Kym Clark witnessed her then pregnant manager struggling in a half un-buttoned shirt and poorly fitting pants. Unfortunately, this was all part and parcel of the standard unisex uniforms provided to all staff onsite…in a flash of inspiration an idea was born.

“In our industry having limited work wear options during pregnancy seemed normal. Why was no one questioning it? Why weren’t women being catered for?” Says Kym

After seeing women constantly struggle to find comfort in their Hi Vis workwear, Kym started exploring options. Left disappointed with what she found it was time to create a new industrial workwear range for women.

With a dream of making a positive change for women in industry Kym knew this was her chance to make a difference. After hours of research on what needed to be done she packed her bag and boarded a plane to find a manufacturer.

“I knew nothing about making clothes but I did know I could make a positive change for women in industry.” Says Kym


While efforts to introduce gender diversity in Australia's mining industry have come a long way in the last 50 years, still, for every 87 men in Australia's mining industry, there are only 13 women.

It's this gap that She's Empowered has been working towards changing by designing and supplying hi vis workwear and creating an advocacy for women in industry.


Unit She's Empowered came onto the market, there were no maternity workwear options for industrial workers. 

"Women work in all areas of mining, from underground and open cut roles to support services. Mining women deserve to wear a well fitted uniform just like they can in any other industry." Says Kym

Some of the biggest brands in mining have have embraced Kym's vision and commitment to a more inclusive working environment including BHP and Anglo American, with She's Empowered shirts, cargos, outerwear and the maternity range recommended as a preferred uniform brand.


For more information on our story and range of workwear or to share ideas to drive industry change, contact Kym on