Whether an employer or employee, we all understand the importance of workplace productivity. But the formula for a productive workplace can be an elusive one.  Stop and think for a moment, if you will, about when you’ve felt you’ve worked to your highest potential. Is it when you feel your work is appreciated and contributing to your organisation? Is it when you are in a comfortable environment, surrounded by good people? Perhaps you only need a strong coffee in the morning and a pay cheque at the end of the month?

Interestingly, psychology researchers from the University of Queensland have found productivity levels can be boosted when employees feel like they are a part of a group. The recent study shows that leaders who create a sense of purpose within their teams can help improve employee health and wellbeing; ultimately leading to increased levels of engagement.

Research team member Professor Alex Haslam suggests “leaders can improve performance by helping their staff to identify with the group, its purpose and achievements…this creates a win-win outcomes for the organisation and the employee.”

By designing a product that promotes self-pride and a sense of belonging, She’s Empowered is committed to supporting both our customers and the organisations they work for.

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