Teamwork divides the task, and multiplies the success.

That’s a saying I once came across and it’s a mantra I have drawn upon often, especially those days when I question if She’s Empowered is making any progressive marks on the empowerment and inclusion of women in traditionally male dominated industries.

When you own and manage a business alone, and are effectively the ultimate decision maker in every respect, it’s easy to start questioning yourself; to start doubting yourself. Add in living remotely and managing extra work and personal commitments, I’m kind of surprised I’m still here to be honest, driving She’s Empowered!

Yet here I am. Driving it. Pushing it. Loving it! Because the fact is, She’s Empowered IS making a difference to our community. Women ARE feeling more comfortable, empowered and connected at work.

And it’s not just me trying to make a mark on this industry. I really am just one person in a wider team of entrepreneurs and businesses, working hard to make a tangible difference in the transport, resources and construction industry.

I know that right now, as I look at my goals and objectives for the year ahead and explore the additional activities I can be implementing to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, that a like-minded woman in Brisbane is doing the exact same thing.

Stacey Head is one amazing woman on my ‘team’. She may not work with me at She’s Empowered, but we’re certainly on the same team when it comes to finding solutions for women in industry, to help close the gender gap that’s existed for decades.

Stacey, like me, founded her she wear business on solving a problem that was apparent in the industry. Just as I saw pregnant women were wearing oversized hi vis men’s shirt in lieu of proper maternity wear, so too did Stacey find out first hand that there were no suitable women’s safety boots on the market!

What ensued was an outpouring of appreciation from women not only on mining and construction worksites, but from those that wanted safer footwear in warehouses, working on property and much more. All the boots you see paired with my shirts and cargos, are from she wear.

Without even knowing it, we really have divided a task in an effort to multiply the success!

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