Surviving the silly season solo

If this year your Christmas tree, family dinner and swapping gifts with loved ones is being replaced with tinsel on a tree outside, a dinner for one and looking through photos of friends and family, you may just need some coping mechanisms to get you through the silly season on your own!

Unfortunately, not all of us can be home with friends and family over the Christmas season – whether it’s due to work, being stuck in transit or any other commitments you might have, it’s a given that some of us will be spending Christmas Day away from home.

While you may be able to try and treat it as “just another day,” the saturation of social media will no doubt remind you of the thousands of people playing beach cricket, peeling prawns, and jumping in the pool!

Being alone on Christmas Day can be fulfilling and gratifying, if you put a little thought into planning for it. For those that aren’t so great at planning, I’ve put some thought into it for you!

  1. Stock up on your favourite foods – that’s a huge part of Christmas for so many people! For me it would be honey macadamia nuts, Turkish delight and peanut m&ms. And enjoy them all day long, even for breakfast J
  2. Play tourist – whether you’re in a new town for the day or staying somewhere you’ve visited regularly, think like a tourist and explore. Look up the top things to do in the area on TripAdvisor and set yourself an agenda (or just go with the flow!). Discovering new things is a great distraction and very rewarding. Don’t forget to take your camera.
  3. Save presents – if you are lucky to receive any gifts before Christmas, such as workplace Secret Santa gifts, or early gifts from friends and family, you might like to save them and take them with you to open on the day. There’s an inner child in all of us who loves to open a gift on Chrissie Day!
  4. Have a movie or book binge day – often considered indulgent due to the time it requires, there’s no better time than being alone on Christmas Day to spend the day watching all the Bourne series, or starting Gilmour Girls from scratch! You could also catch up on the latest best sellers – I still need to read Girl on a Train!
  5. Exercise – call it getting a kickstart on your New Years’ resolution, or simply maintaining your current regime, being active on Chrissie Day can release endorphins and help you feel on top of your game! Try a walk or jog around the neighbourhood, or make yourself your own personal trainer and set a challenging routine with the objects you have at your disposal.
  6. Download apps – go online shopping in the App store! There’s nothing like a round of Candy Crush to keep your mind off, well, pretty much everything around you! You can also get organised for the New Year with time management, fitness tracking and budget planning apps to name just a few.
  7. Call your contact list – It’s Christmas Day! Share the love with a phone call and connect with loved ones. Don’t just limit it to the top 5 people you always stay in touch with either. Today’s a great day to reconnect with friends from years ago and say “Merry Christmas”. Reliving the good old days is nostalgic and can be heart-warming.
  8. Write a letter to your future self – yep, this isn’t just any old letter, thanks to websites such as , you can write yourself a letter, press send, and have it emailed to you on a future date! You could pick your birthday, next Christmas Day, or any random day. It’s a lovely surprise to receive when you’ve forgotten about it. You can write down your dreams for the year ahead, pen your thoughts on the year that’s been, or set yourself some hard goals to review in a month’s time.

These are just a few ideas, if you have any more please share them! Will your Christmas be spent away from loved ones?

No matter where you are this Christmas, I hope you are happy and stay safe.


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