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For so long now, I’ve lived a life that has seen me travel country Australia, settle in remote mining towns and live the FIFO life. It’s life as I know it.

But I also know new women are coming into this career choice and the lifestyle that comes with it every day. Many from major metro areas or suburbia, and the cultural shift can be overwhelming.

It can be the little things that seem so big at first, like not having a local farmer’s market or having to drive 2 hours to the closest hairdresser. It only takes a few little hiccups for the new way of living to become overwhelming.

That’s why I wanted to pull this list or support resources together, because when you feel supported, you feel empowered! And this is a great way of life; one that deserves your positive energy.

This is by no means exhaustive and I encourage you to add any more that you know of in the comments, but I do hope you can use this as a handy guide to help navigate your way around working and living in a resources industry.

Where to go to get the down low

Mining Family Matters is a great resource for relocating to various mining communities across Australia, seeking expert psychologist advice and they have their own Women in Resources section which will really help settle you into your new world.

Women in Mining WA is a community for Perth and wider WA based women to encourage networking and participation in the industry. There’s a host of events and an annual summit to help build lasting connections. There’s also a helpful framework for negotiation skills.

AusIMM, The Minerals Institute, has its own dedicated women in mining network available to join.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency has published handy information to help you understand and identify equality, or the lack thereof, in your workplace.

This Career One article, with the help of a psychologist, guides women starting out in the male dominated world of mining. Here you’ll find tips such as adjust your thinking, promote yourself and pick your battles.

Reach Out understands the loneliness that can come with living remotely. Here you will find a range of tips to help with this.

she wear was founded by a woman who saw the need for women’s boots in the construction industry, and her business just keeps growing! These are a great touch of femininity in such a masculine industry.

She’s Empowered (how could I leave this off this list?!) introduced the first high vis maternity shirt to Australian women, and has since grown to offer comfortable, stylish work shirts and pants exclusively for women. The range is about to expand with the introduction of a jacket to help with cold mornings, winter days and light rain.

This is such a rewarding industry! I hope this list helps you overcome any obstacles so you end up loving it just as much as I do.

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