How many of us go to work thinking safety on the job is the responsibility of the Workplace Health and Safety Officer? Whether you’re in a high risk environment or work in an office with minimal safety risks, responsibility rests on each of us to be alert and report issues so we can each return home to our friends and families safe.

October is National Safe Work Month and naturally I am a very big supporter of the initiative, as the month aims to raise awareness about the importance of Workplace Health and Safety, and encourages companies and individuals to commit to improving the way that they work across all positions and sectors

Sadly, 129 Australian workers have been killed at work this year alone and shockingly, this number 4 weeks ago was at 117. That’s 12 people in the last four weeks who went to work one day to earn an income, and never came home.

Safety at work isn’t just for your own good. Every one of has the responsibility to look out for our colleagues. Safety isn’t limited to tucking away loose cords and mopping up spilled liquids. The concerning truth is that while there are certainly efforts in place to build a safe environment for all employees, women’s workwear within the mining and construction industry has been limited for years, posing a considerable safety risk for those wearing ill-fitting pants and shirts.

In my time in the resources industry, I have seen many women not adequately equipped with a fitting uniform, which ultimately challenges their day-to-day safety. Uniforms that don’t fit well can catch on equipment, impair movement and leave areas of skin exposed to hazards.

Far too many workplace injuries and deaths are preventable; if there are measures available to prevent accidents and injuries, then it is in everyone’s best interest to implement the correct processes and channels. We all need to play our part in improving safety on site, reducing injuries and ensuring every worker has received the proper training and appropriate workwear, regardless of gender.

Women’s body shapes are significantly different to that of men’s and as such, need tailored workwear that allows for durability, functionality and of course, safety. At She’s Empowered, technical details have been paramount in our success, incorporating high visibility and thickness, performance fabrics, and a superior fit for all shapes and sizes.

This month in particular, I want to highlight the importance of providing women with safe, comfortable performance workwear to solve a safety problem and simultaneously empower women in the workplace. It’s all about watching each other’s backs, staying up to date with training and safety procedures and taking as many preventative measures as possible so that we all go to work as planned, and go home to our loved ones at the end of the day.

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