A female mine worker who always dreamed of being a fashion designer creates unique brand of high-visibility gear for pregnant and curvy women

A woman who spent almost a decade working in the mining industry has created a unique brand of hi-vis work gear tailored to fit pregnant women.

Kym Clark, from Perth, first broke into the male-dominated field in 2008 and later came across a pregnant colleague who was struggling to fit her expanding waistline in the uniforms provided on site.

‘Eight men were sitting around the table – all comfortable in their high vis gear in the height of summer – while Steph had to wear an open shirt with a singlet underneath so she could fit into the required uniform,’ she said.

Kym Clark, (pictured) the founder of She’s Empowered, spent almost a decade working in the mining industry

Kym Clark first snagged a position in the mining industry in 2008

The 30-year-old, who always wanted to get into the fashion industry, said this was her light-bulb moment – not only was she being given an opportunity to chase her dreams of creating a fashion line, she also felt she had the chance to create a positive change for women working in the industry.

‘It is so important that no matter what your job is, to always be looking out for the little changes you can make – like having a comfortable uniform for everyone – because in the end all these little things can add up to big changes that make the workplace more diverse and inclusive.’

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