International day of families 

I’m so glad there’s an official day to celebrate family! It’s not difficult to take our mum, dad, partner, sister, brother and kids for granted as we rush about our daily lives, so focusing on our family this week gives us a chance to reflect, thank and reconnect with our loved ones.

In a world that thrives on long swing rosters, fifo and small rural mining towns, there’s definitely a few different challenges mining families experience than the typical 9-5 city worker. So on behalf of all women in mining, I thank you for the below!

  1. Fifo – thank you to our partners who keep the household ticking along, and the fires burning when we’re away for weeks at a time. Please know we choose a FIFO lifestyle with the long term future in mind. We do this to build a comfortable financial foundation, while embracing the new skills and confidence we gain on the job in the meantime. Thank you for making us feel missed when we’re home, for taking the kids to school and dance lessons and for supporting this decision. We can’t wait to be your rock in turn, when you need it most.
  2. Long swings – sometimes we’re away for a few days, or we’re home after every shift, but we’re like ships in the night. Thank you for not only cooking dinner, but for saving us a bowl in the fridge to heat when we get home. Thanks for the lamp left on by the bed and the welcome home note. To our parents who help with the babysitting of our kids, making them do their homework and feeding them nutritious dinners, thank you for being there. We see a beautiful grandparent- grandchild bond forming and it makes going to work that much easier.
  3. Small mining towns – it’s a sacrifice to make, leaving the city or suburbs to make a home in our little mining town. To our partners who give up their friends, work and surfing pleasures to raise our family in what everyone else would call the middle of nowhere is a gesture too significant to replicate. And thank you to our sons and daughters for embracing the lifestyle change, making new friends and accepting that there’s no McDonald’s around the corner!

We know that by being a woman in mining, choosing this career and lifestyle has an impact on all those around us. But by doing so, we promise you get the best version of ourselves. You get passion, drive, confidence and empowerment from us, and for this, we thank you.

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