I jumped out of a metaphorical plane!

I think sometimes the notion of risk taking is misrepresented. We hear bold stories of friends jumping out of a plane or stepping into a shark cage and can immediately identify it as risk taking behaviour. “They’re so brave!” we say. “I could never do that!” we might add.

But what about the everyday decisions we make that us place us in the face of danger or risk in order to achieve a goal? Those crossroads we come to where we have to choose a path without knowing the destination? Every time we make a choice that could come with its consequences as well, we are delving in risk taking behaviour.

Risk taking is adventurous and brave, and it’s time to acknowledge the risks we take in everyday life. The risks we take in boardrooms and lounge rooms. Through tears and anxiety. And with those nearest and dearest to us.

One of the biggest risks I’ve taken came in 2014 when I was working part time while establishing She’s Empowered. I was so appreciative of my employer for accommodating my part time arrangement, as the income enabled me to pay the bills and the extra time gave me the resources to meet with suppliers, stockists and mining companies, and promote the brand to potential customers.

When I was called into the office one Monday morning, I was told the arrangement no longer worked for the company and that I had the choice to stay on full time or leave the role. It was hard to hear, but I understood the company was just making commercial decisions and wasn’t personal.

This was my crossroads moment. I had to choose the security of a full time income but risk giving up my passion, or continue with my passion but give up on secure money coming in. The more I thought about the scenario, the more my gut was saying I had to keep with She’s Empowered. I had come so far but it was still early days, so I took the risk and said goodbye to my employer! I had just jumped out of a plane, metaphorically speaking.

I stand here today proud of the decision I made, but I assure you, while I knew I had to do it, it was ridiculously scary! I had anxiety and sleepless nights, and the adrenalin was pumping through my veins. But it just pushed me to really give it my all. And I found new ways of bringing in an income with casual and part time work when needed. The She’s

Empowered community is growing and so too is the range we stock. I love seeing and hearing the difference our tailored workwear is having on women in the mining, construction and transport industries, and we’re even hearing from women in other industries wanting their own safety-compliant workwear from us!

Taking risks forces us out of our comfort zones, but it also builds character, resilience and confidence. That’s not a bad consequence!

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