Getting the snip is no big deal…

Ok, not that kind of snip, that one’s a big deal!

I’m talking about taking the dreaded scissors to my shoulder length hair to sport a short do that I’ve not had since the 90's.

For some people this will seem a trivial topic, but for me, the whole process from the first time I considered the change two years ago, to walking out of the salon, I was suffocating in anxiety and stress. Which threw me because no one was forcing me to do it, I was simply battling heart with mind.

Why did my hair matter so much to me?

Anyone who knows me personally or professionally will know I’m not a vain person. I’m a self-confessed quiet country girl from North Queensland who likes the simple pleasures in life. I’ve never fussed over hair!

Yet here I was, for some reason, I thought my hair was my identity. I worried about it not looking good and being judged. I am the owner of She’s Empowered, a brand for and about, females, and I think deep down I thought long hair maybe proved my femininity? It’s crazy where your thoughts can take you if you let them! 

The only way I got myself into my hairdresser was deciding that in the end, the worst that could happen was I wouldn’t like it, and even then, my hair would grow back. But it kept coming back to the pros outweighing the cons – less time to manage it in the morning (more sleep!) and no more knots after swimming, win-win!

I love the outcome now, but I can’t believe it took me two years to get here.

I try not to focus on regrets in life, rather lessons, so to realise how much time I’ve spent in fear of something that was completely unnecessary, I’m now looking closer at other areas in my life that I’m procrastinating. From professional meet and greets to product development, I’m taking the plunge and diving right in! Why hold onto anxiety when you don’t need to? For me, it’s the fear of the unknown that gets my stomach in knots and I’m only doing myself a disservice by procrastinating. My new, short haired self is loving the epiphany!

What’s your ‘haircut’ activity you’re holding off due to fear or worry?

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