Australia's got mad skills in World Skills competition

Heavy Vehicle Maintenance tested in World Skills competition.

If you were asked to name some competitions on the world stage, you might think of the Olympic Games or Miss Universe. But would World Skills come to mind? I'm guessing probably not, but let me tell you about a young Australian woman who is making her mark on the globe, thanks to the passion and commitment she has shown to her trade. 

Young Louise Azzopardi of Illawarra is currently competing at the international Word Skills competition in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, the world’s largest vocational skills competition, and is showing the world what self empowerment looks like. 

The competition is represented by 18 Aussies showcasing their skills in a range of vocational industries including web coding, cooking, carpentry, hairdressing and more. But it's Heavy Vehicle Maintenance that our shining technician will be tested in, and boy does she have skills!

Louise of The Tractor Shop, will be pitted against international candidates, and challenged to meet the everyday requirements demanded of her job. Here, she maintains and repairs large machines, internal combustion engines, ground-engaging equipment and earth-moving equipment involving a high level of skill with engines, hydraulics, electronics, braking systems and more. 

The job calls for quick but analytical thinking, and a degree of both strength and stamina. Louise is hoping it's these well developed skills that will see her come out on top in the competition!

Louise rightfully earned her place on the Worldskills Australia Skills Squad team after a medal winning performance at the Australia National Competition held in 2016.

It's quite the career leap since her Year 10 work experience days when she chose to study mechanics, and is a great example of what hard work and passion can present in any career.

As the exclusive uniform partner for Louise, I am very proud to have helped her in a small way get to the competition she's worked so hard for. Louise embodies all the traits and qualities that She's Empowered represents - confidence, a positive attitude and belief that anything is possible. Our partnership is a perfect fit. She's quite literally, dressed for success! Louise has confessed she wants to be an ambassador for young women in trades, but in my eyes, she already is! Let's all cheer her on!

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